Full 3 Night Package

The Rally Package includes: • Two international bands: Mike & the Mechanics and The Bogus Brothers. • Local bands include top SA girl band ‘The Blackbyrds’ • 3 superb events including the sizzling Buddha Bar, Beach Party and Superbowl Golden Circle VIP event • 3 nights’ accommodation, dinner and breakfast • Custom Bike Show with fantastic prizes • Riders Zone with the latest Harley Davidson fashion and bike accessories • Children under the age of 18 stay free. Breakfast is included for them but all other meals for them will be at your own expense.

This website allows you to make a BOOKING, you then pay by EFT or "offline".

Rally REGISTRATION is a separate process and is part of the event. This Registration can either be at the 'Geesvang' evening at Harley-Davidson Pretoria on Wednesday night 14 August or on Thursday 15 August at Sun City. As part of registration, you receive your 'goody bag' with an armband that gives you access to all H-D and HOG events at Sun City in addition to a program of event for the rally.

The Palace of the Lost City


The magnificent Palace of the Lost City at Sun City is a fairytale African palace that towers over the scenic valley. Visible from almost anywhere on the resort, The Palace of the Lost City’s unique towers with elephant tusk embellishments are a symbol of the true luxury and splendour that the hotel offers.

R9 670,00

The Cabanas


The refreshing, laid back ambience of the Cabanas at Sun City is the immediate impression one receives upon welcome. The most relaxed and casual of all the hotels at Sun City, the Cabanas offer informal yet comfortable accommodation.

The reception area is spacious with a balconied foyer overlooking the Palm Terrace. Attractive planters placed around the tiled floor, and the lightly textured walls topped with a ceiling frieze of tropical foliage and flowers, all contribute to an immediate holiday feeling.

R5 950,00

The Cascades


Striking, beautifully coloured birds and fish are at home in the Cascades gardens and lakes which cover the gently sloping hillside.

They are laced with footpaths which wind between tens of thousands of exotic and indigenous trees and flowering plants. Lush gardens, tropical birds and water features give The Cascades its unique and relaxing atmosphere.  A sophisticated, elegant hotel.

R6 960,00

Sun City Hotel


The Sun City Hotel is the hedonistic heart of the Sun City Resort. The ambience of the Hotel is one of glamour and sophistication.

From the moment you enter the foyer your senses are assaulted by the bold design aspects and dramatic setting.  The central area has been transformed into a jungle of lush foliage, cascading water and life-like boulders, encircling fast moving slot machines. 

R6 675,00